Pottery decorated with images from nature has been common since early times. In Biosenario the decoration grows from the surface of the porcelain bowl, and unlike much of the floral décor we know, the focal point here is the wild, untamed nature. From uncultivated nature we get superstitions, myths and scare stories. Nature is beautiful and refreshing but also grim and threatening. The bowls disappear behind the growth, taken over by wilderness.

The project is a collaboration between two Norwegian artists, Tone Einelia and Kjersti Sletteland. Each pot is decorated by both of them, frantically and constantly over many hours. The process is a battle or dance between two individuals, creating chaos and friction but also balance. 


Text by Giles Sutherland

BIOSENARIO [also] use the bowl as the starting point of their work. These too may be termed a kind of ‘narrative exploration’ but as well as folklore, they delve into contemporary stories and events, as well as dreams, incorporating all manner of complex, funny, frightening, provocative imagery in the process.
Working together at the same time and in the same place, Einelia and Sletteland enter into a kind of dramatic dialogue, where one artist’s shaping of the clay into various weird and wonderful forms will engender a reciprocal response. It’s a kind of dance of the imagination, where heads and faces, vermicular forms and biomorphic masses squirm and writhe, like the entanglement of dreams. These are narratives, diaries, visual journals of the psyche, caught and frozen, fired and captured in clay.


2020 Northbound, Fjell Festning, Fjell, Norway

2018 Northbound, Shetland Arts, Shetland, Scotland

2018 Sofa, Kraft, Bergen, Norway

2018 Northbound, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Caithness, Scotland

2018 Northbound, An Talla Solais, Ullapool, Scotland

2017 The Royal Scottish Academy RSA Open Exhibition 2017

2017 Paisley Art Institute 129th Annual Exhibition, Paisley

2016 Winter Exhibition, Tatha Gallery, Newport-on- Tay

2016 Scottish Art Club, Edinburgh

2016 The Royal Scottish Academy RSA Open Exhibition 2016

2016 RSA Open, Royal Scottish Academy 2016

2015 Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

2015 Videonale & Kunstselskap (video art festival), Alvøen, Norway

2015 Basement gallery, Voss Norway

2014 Celebrating Ceramics St. Margarets House, Edinburgh

2014 Galleri Mjøsvågen, Osterøy Norway

2013 Winter Art Fair, Bergen Norway

2014 Dei på Gjerdet, Fjell Norway

2012 Alvøen Ceramics Studio, Norway


2017 Paisley Art Institute's 2M Award

2016 RSA Open's An Talla Solais Residency Prize


Artist talk, An Talla Solais 6/7/2018

Artist talk for children, An Talla Solais 6/7/2018

Gone to Pot, Spontaneous ceramic workshop, An Talla Solais  7/7/2018


Art North, The Contemporary Visual Art Magazine, Northbound / Nordgående review - text by Ian McKay

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Northbound / Nordgående review - text by Giles Sutherland

Link here